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Ceramic Pet Urns

We are out of stock of our ceramic urns at this time, but are working hard to get them back as soon as possible. In the meantime, shop our other urns.

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About Ceramic Pet Urns

When you're looking for a beautiful and respectful home for your departed pet's cremains, a quality ceramic urn from Perfect Memorials is an excellent choice. Choose from ceramic pet urns in the traditional vase style, those shaped like dog houses, and more. Each urn is crafted with care and the appearance may vary slightly due to the nature of ceramics.

A classic choice for cremation urns, ceramic offers many options for color, size, and style. You can find a wide variety of ceramic pet urns for your late companion, and you may want to consider smaller ceramic urns for people as well. Many urns feature beautiful colors, along with painted flowers or other designs, so there's no reason why an urn cannot be put to any purpose that you like.

Ceramic pet urns are available in a number of sizes so that you can find an urn that best fits your pet. Consider how much your companion weighed before cremation, and choose an urn with a volume in cubic inches that is at least the same amount. For example, if your dog weighed 25 pounds, you'll need an urn that holds at least 25 cubic inches if you plan on keeping all of the cremains together. Many people choose an urn with extra space so that there is no risk that the cremains will not fit, and so that they can add a collar or favorite toy to the urn.